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Patrice Faye’s passion for writing began in elementary school. She had a petite multi-pastel-colored journal with a unicorn on the cover that was secured with a lock. She began experiencing the emotional and artistic benefits of journaling early and still gets excited reminiscing about the first writing award she received in third grade. Patrice Faye strongly believes that writing is therapeutic and aids in coping with emotional stress.

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Out of Crazy Born Genius
Patrice Faye, FNP-BC is the author of Out of Crazy Born Genius: Disciplines to Reclaim a Life Worth Living After Abuse.  As a survivor of child abuse that continued into her late twenties, she developed this practical guide to help young adults transcend stigmas successfully. Her passionate message of resilience, bringing awareness to emerging adult survivors, is innovative in this mental health movement.

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Recognize Your Genius
In Recognize Your Genius, Patrice shares her revelations on why God wants us to embrace abuse, arrests, embarrassments, failures, and terminations. She explains why the Genes-In-Us reveal a message that does not fit the world’s mold.  If you have questioned your existence and your impact on this world, then you are ready to Recognize Your Genius! This book is YOUR opportunity to make sense of what God is continuously revealing.


  • P.F. Little has consolidated her experience and knowledge into a book for you to be inspired to be your best version of genius. She brings wisdom to a sensitive and often untouched subject regarding abuse. Her tone in the book conjures up your mind to think through your experiences. And if you have never been abused you will be enlighten by what happens when abuse hits home. Becoming your version of genius is not about perfection. It’s about implementing daily disciplines and living a purposed filled life. To the person who has never been abused, it will bring you an incredible amount of awareness of what an abused person goes through and tries to overcome. To the person who has been abused, I hope you pick up this book and find one thing that will help you reclaim your life.
    Ornella Grosz