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Meet Patrice Faye

Before rebranding I was all puffed up. My career was all about me, my accomplishments was to make me feel good about me, and my community service was about 'Do you see me?' Nothing I did aligned with my mission to 'Live a life where my actions get others to glorify my God.' My life barely had anything to do with you, the people. So in 2017 God and I had a heart to heart starting with question 'What is in my heart?' As I began to respond I realized the past 10 years of my life were about me doing me. During my healing from child abuse I was soliciting attention through various (nothing raunchy) platforms but still felt invalid. Our society has the mantra 'I don't know about them but I am going to do me.' and my favorite, 'Gots to get mine.' Really? This is so contrary to HIS word and I can assure you that investing in this mentality will not maximize your return. Yes, your walk with Christ is like the stock market. Wouldn't you like the best return on YOUR investment in this life? With that being said, checkout my site to see what's in store for you.